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Safely clean and optimize your Windows PC

Do you want to optimise your computer quickly and easily? BitCleaner is the solution: Work more efficiently with a clean and optimised PC.

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Compatible with Windows 10 and newer

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Experience maximum performance on demand – with BitCleaner

The simple solution for a faster PC

The more you use a computer, the slower it gets. BitCleaner solves this problem by showing you which files are clogging up your PC. This way, you can clean up your hard drive quickly and efficiently.

More clarity with BitCleaner.

See at a glance what is slowing down your PC.

With our software, you can see immediately which unnecessary startup entries, downloads, and programs are taking up space on your hard drive.

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Protect your PC from junk data

Easily clean up and optimise

With BitCleaner, even beginners can quickly and easily optimise their system. Remove unused software and unwanted startup entries in a snap.

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Save time and money with BitCleaner

Fewer repairs and increased lifespan.

BitCleaner optimises system performance and eliminates data clutter. This helps you avoid costly repairs and extends the lifespan of your computer.

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Maximize your PC’s performance with BitCleaner

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BitCleaner: Boost your PC’s performance

Remove junk data and optimize your system with BitCleaner

BitCleaner is an essential tool if you want to get the most out of your computer.

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Make your PC boot faster

Prevent programs from starting automatically when your PC boots up and speed up the boot process.

Remove software

Keep track of the programs installed on your PC and get rid of what you don't need.

Empty Downloads folder

Remnants from downloads and installations can slow down your PC and compromise your privacy. BitCleaner reliably deletes this data.

Automatic monitoring

Real-time monitoring gives you full control: BitCleaner notifies you of new entries or deletes them automatically.

Install BitCleaner: Speed up your computer in just 3 steps

Installing BitCleaner is quick and easy


1. Step

Download BitCleaner

Download BitCleaner via the download button.


2. Step

Installing the software

Run the installation file and install the software.


3. Step

Start and clean up

Detect unnecessary files and optimise your PC.

Still not convinced?
The advantages of BitCleaner

BitCleaner will get your computer in top shape today.


Improved PC performance

Unused files and automatically starting programs hog resources and slow down your system’s startup. BitCleaner removes these bottlenecks.


Easy to use

BitCleaner is easy to use even for inexperienced users. The software automatically detects all startup entries, programs, and downloads. Cleaning up has never been easier.


Improved lifespan

A clean computer has a longer lifespan. By regularly removing unnecessary files, the computer will work longer and run more smoothly.


Free up hard disk space

BitCleaner frees up hard disk space by detecting and removing large files and duplicates. This frees up more space for important files and applications.


Privacy protection

Downloads are often visible to all users of the PC, putting your privacy at risk. With BitCleaner, you can track down and completely remove installation remnants and downloads.


System requirements

CPU: 1 GHz processor
Memory: 64 MB RAM
Storage: 20 MB available space

Operating system

Windows 10 64-bit or newer

Speed up your computer with just a few clicks — download BitCleaner now.

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Faster PC at the touch of a button: Try BitCleaner now!

Speed up your computer with BitCleaner.

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Frequently asked questions

What exactly does BitCleaner do?

BitCleaner optimises your computer by detecting and optionally removing startup entries, programs, and downloads. This improves your computer’s performance and frees up storage space and essential resources.

Is BitCleaner safe to use?

Yes, using BitCleaner is 100% safe. Our software has been developed by professionals and tested many times in practice. Moreover, the protection of your privacy is of great importance to us.

How often should I use BitCleaner?

You should use BitCleaner at least once a month to keep your computer in optimal condition. However, depending on your computer's usage and configuration, you can run BitCleaner more frequently or less frequently to achieve the desired results.

What are the advantages of paid PC cleaning software?

Paid PC cleaning software often includes additional functions and tools that are aimed at advanced users and are designed to manage complex systems. For private use, free PC cleaning software is usually perfectly adequate.

Can BitCleaner help extend the lifespan of my computer?

Yes, BitCleaner can help extend the lifespan of your computer. It improves the system's performance and stability. By removing unnecessary files, BitCleaner can make your computer run faster and more reliably.

How long does it take for BitCleaner to optimize my computer?

This depends on several factors, such as the size of your hard disk, the number of files that need to be removed and the speed of your computer. However, it usually only takes a few minutes for BitCleaner to optimise and speed up your PC.

Do I need BitCleaner if I already have antivirus software?

Yes, because BitCleaner and antivirus software offer different functions and benefits. While an antivirus program protects your computer from malware and viruses, BitCleaner helps remove unnecessary files and improve the computer's performance. Both types of programs can be used together for the optimal result.